• Business Details

    Business Details

    • Date of Creation :1995
    • Main Areas of Activities of Business :

    • Main Products :
    • - We have a great potential to carry out our art works in record time and with high quality

    Human Resources:
    • Business Organization : individual proprietorships
    • Number of Employees : 20 employees and technicians .
    • - General manager : Mr/ Sherif Raslan

      - Financial and administrative manager : Mr/ Mohamed Abbas

      - Accounting and auditing legal : Mr/ mohamed nagi

      - A number of qualified Fine Artists of all disciplines

      - A number of professional and technical to implement business

    • company participate in the beautification and development of many cities through a lot of works of art and sculpture , mural , landmarks .

    • Thank you for taking the time to go through this business profile If there are any questions or comments,
      please feel free to contact us .

  • Alexandria

    Raslan's Famous Murals Works

    Artist Sherif Raslan participated in the beauty of many cities in the Arab Republic of Egypt, including Alexandria.

    • number 21 in the field containing 5 murals of the most famous murals Alexandria
    • ranging areas such actions between 100 meters and 300 meters.
    • Most Famous Murals :
      • mural Raml Station oldest areas of Alexandria
      • mural Alexandria library
      • mural Victorian tram station
      • mural in front of the National Democratic Party building
      • mural Italian military hospital
      • mural Smouha Club
      Elraml-Station smouha club victoria station
    • The artist Sherif Raslan designed and implemented many sculptural works in Mtakhtlv fields of Alexandria, including Ali bin Abi Talib Square and Victoremanual the field of gems and field Gilliam Abu Qir St. Square Cinema Rex Square Chiratoan Montazah Square entrance to King Farouk Palace Square globe Square Bridge globe and field of Roman Museum The field of agricultural road entrance number 4 Artworks and the entrance to the desert road and field Gilliam Corniche and the field Rushdi Abu Qir Street Square Gilliam Abu Qir Street.

    Raslan's stained glass works

    The artist Sharif Ruslan work groups of stained glass works are scattered villas and palaces all over the country has also restored the stained glass private school Saint Mark in Alexandria, which contains 1,200 meters of flat glass and stained decree Hoaattabr historical traces

    Raslan's Awards

    The artist on the set of the awards I've got them year shield for the city of Alexandria estimate for his artist's work.

    • The artist Sherif Raslan job restoring works of art special mural of King Farouk Palace, which is unique to the queen rooms, one of the Arab mosaic palace in Alexandria.
  • Sharm El Sheikh

    • The work of the artist 2 mural in Sharm El Sheikh first in the beginning of Umm El Sid Hill and the other at Sharm el-Sheikh gate .

    • St. Catherine
    • The artist work mural of St. Catherine at the entrance to the city 100 meters.

    • Dahab
    • The artist work mural town of Dahab 120 meters.

    • As the artist's work group of sculptural works for the city of Sharm el-Sheikh, including a group of marine snails Tskhaddm Kmbane shops and cafeterias

    • The artist Raslan develop and beautify the city of Sharm el-Sheikh a number of diverse works of art and the most important Forum of religions and the entrance to St. Catherine's airport and the entrance to the monastery Thant Catherine mural anecdotes Sinai

    • The artist beautifying the city of Abu Rudeis Bjaddarah folk art.
      • santcatrine sharm1 sharm3 santcatrene2
  • Qena

    The artist has the largest mural in Egypt work on an area of 600 meters flat which is found in Qena mural Dandara Bridge and number four sculptural works scattered in the fields of the city.

    qena qena1 qena2 qena3
  • Cairo

    • Road Cairo-Alexandria
    • As the artist places to beautify the road Cairo-Alexandria Desert range of larger sculptural works of art, which reaches a height of 10 meters high.

    • City of Cairo
    • The artist is also doing a series of murals in the city of Cairo and number five murals ranging in size from 100 meters to 400 meters flat

      cairo cairo1 cairo2
  • Other Works

    • The artist's work has a group of well-known murals in the city of Marsa Matrouh number four murals of the largest murals in Egypt and the number of five fields of public sculpture

    • The artist has been doing a number 2 mural in Damanhour and 2 sculptural work

    • The artist is also doing a series of murals in the city of Mansoura and number three sculptural works.

    • Artist Raslan participated in many local and international exhibitions, including Italy, Brazil and the Biennale of Alexandria and Cairo.

    • The artist Raslan work group of business sculptural mural in Lebanon.

    • The artist Raslan work large groups of murals own artwork, sculpture own in villages and tourist villas are scattered all over the country.

    • The artist made 3 murals in Saudi Arabia for a number of citizens in private villas and palaces.

    • The artist work mural School Allalebmedinh eye in addition to a set of murals villas own citizens in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.